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Prime Minister’s ‘Pareeksha Pe Charcha’

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted an interactive session on 16th February, 2018, where he took questions from students via social media and video conferencing. Our students were made to listen to this program and were asked to write an article on this.A few points which they have mentioned in their article, ‘Students across the country asked our PM, how to use yoga to deal with stress and expectations of parents for which he answered that students should understand their parents and they have to remember the sacrifice of their parents for their well-being. A student asked him how to improve their self-confidence and for this he said that this comes through constant practice and challenging oneself.

Motivational Message by Principal

March is an extremely crucial month for our students as they appear for class X and class XII board examinations. On 15th February 2018, students of class X and class XII attended the school to receive the admit card and seek blessings from the Principal, Vice Principal and teachers. On this occasion our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanansuggested a few ways to tackle the issues and anxieties related to exams.She wished all the students very best for their examinations and gave them the confidence that all the teachers are there for their support to clear the doubts during the preparation. Our Vice Principal Mr.ChennaKrishnan also wished our students all the very best.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic day celebration is a huge national event for all Indians. Like every year, we celebrated Republic Day in our school on 25th January 2018 in a grand way. Our chief guest of the day Mr. Mahesh, representative of our old student’s alumni, hoisted the national flag followed by National Anthem. Then Sibi Saran of class XIA spoke about Republic Day in English which was followed by a dance performance by students of middle class on a patriotic song.Avantika of class XI B gave a speech in Hindi highlighting the importance of Republic Day and to celebrate the day senior girls performed a dance on a song depicting the unity in diversity.A speech in Tamil was given by Jayashree of class V B and in the end the tiny tots dressed up as freedom fighters enacted their words, it was the most interesting event of the day. Our chief guest Mr.Mahesh enjoyed the program and appreciated the performances.In the end our Principal spoke a few words about Republic day and greeted our children and teachers on this occasion.

Thiruvalluvar Day Celebration

Thiruvalluvar day is the celebration in the memory of Saint Thiruvalluvar. We celebrated this day in our school on 17th January 2018. Children from primary sections dressed up as Thiruvalluvar and recited his ‘Thirukkural’ which was interesting to watch. Students participated in Recitation, Essay and Quiz on ‘Thirukkural’ and Thiruvalluvar was held on 26th November 2017 at Delhi Tamil Sangam and students were awarded prizes for excelling. Our school won 53 prizes and the shield for best performance was awarded to our school and the prizes to the students were given on 17th January 2018.

Science on Wheels

Science Exhibition on wheels titled ‘Renewable source of energy’ was organised by National Science Centre for three days from 14th December to 16th December 2017 in our school premises.This exhibition was about renewable source of energy such as solar energy,wind energy,hydro power,geothermal energy and biomass energy.This was very useful to students as they are studying these in science. We are very thankful to the management for arranging such a useful exhibition for students.

Free Eye Check-up for students

Free Eye check-up for students was initiated by former Principal of DTEA School Smt. Vijayalakshmi in association with DTEA Alumni Trust and Banyan Delhi.A program was held in our school to have an eye check-up through Human Vision Society (Regd.) between 20th November to 22nd Nov. 2017. A team of doctors working under Dr.Vivek Gupta, Asst. Professor, Community Ophthalmology and Dr.R.P.Centre for Ophthalmology (AIIMS) visited our school for eye screening. And 659 students underwent refraction.Students who were identified with problems in vision, were given eye drops for further investigation or recommended for spectacles. AIIMS also provided spectacles to those students with problem in vision.We wish Dr.Vivek Gupta and Dr.Rajendra Prasad centre for Ophthalmology continues their service every year.

Children’s day celebration

Every year we celebrate children’s day on 14thNovember to pay tribute to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Teachers and Children remembered Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister,and celebrated the love that he had for all children with a host of fun filled activities. This year also we celebrated Children’s day on 14thNovember 2017 with great enthusiasm.The Primary Children dressed like Pandit Nehru and full of excitement during the special assembly. Children were thrilled to enact like Chacha Nehru and spoke a few important quotes. Parents also showed interest in preparing their children to participate in the special assembly and encouraged them to converse in English.To end the fun filled Children were given sweets.

Annual day celebration

Our school celebrated the Annual Day on 4th November, 2017, in a grand way in our school premises. Mr. Arivazhagan, Additional drug controller of Govt. of India was the chief guest of the day and Mr. Sundaresan was the guest of honour. Mr. Sivaraj, DTEA Joint Secretary, Janakpuri, Mr. Kannayan, PTA Secretary , Mr. Singaravadivelu Member of our DTEA Family and other School DTEA members also graced the occassion. Principal and Vice Principal of other DTEA Schools and many Ex- Principals of our school were present on this occassion. The entire school participated whole heartedly towards the success of this grand event.
The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by our Hon' ble Chief Guest escorted by the other diginitaries and the Principal. Followed by bouquet presentation and pinning of badges. The Principal, Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan welcomed the guests and introduced the Hon' ble Chief Guest to the gathering. She shared the School's Annual report of the past session. This was followed by the Prize distribution Ceremony. The chief guest Mr. Arivazhagan congratulated the winners and motivated our students to achieve great success in his speech of the event.
Our DTEA President Mr. Sooriyanarayanan and Secretary Mr. R.Raju have done a lot of things to improve our schools. Their achievements in the past years were highlighted in a power point presentation which was presented by our Tamil teacher Mrs. N. Usha on this occassion. This year the Cultural programme was based on the theme ' Friendship'. The cultural event comprised of - Welcome dance, Oh my friend Ganesha, Tableau on the theme by primary department and many more items by senior class students. The Chief Guest was highly aprecitive of the efforts made by the students, teachers and management for a classic programme. He stated that he felt highly honooured and elated to have visited our school. He lauded the hard work done by the students and their mentors for presenting such a message oriented programme. The vote of thanks was proposed by our Vice Principal Mr. Chenna Krishnan. The programme culminated with the National Anthem. The parent community of our school also showed their support and encouraged the students through their presence.

World Student’s Day

Dr. A.P.J.AbdulKalam’s birthday is celebrated as World Student’s day all over the world to honour him, who wished always to be remembered as a teacher. We celebrated this day in our school on 13th October, 2017 (15th October being Sunday a holiday). Satyam of class XI student spoke about Dr. APJ’s achievements in the field of science, his contribution on the launch of vehicle technologyand ballistic missile he came to be known as the ‘Missile ‘Man of India’. Allen Elija of class VII student spoke about his early life and how humbly he grew up in his life. Middle class students sang a song which was written by him, very nicely. In the end our Principal Mrs. RajiKamalasananappreciated the efforts taken by our students to make it big event to pay homage to our ‘Missile man’

Independence Day celebration

The Independence day celebration took place in our school on 14th August,2017. The welcome speech was given by our vice-principal Mr. Chenna Krishnan. Prof. Mr. Ramamrudham and Mrs Vimala Ramamrudham graced the occasion with their presence alsong with members of DTEA and PTA. Prof. Ramamrudham who is a retired professor from Sriram College of Engineering, Delhi, gave a small speech and encouraged the students to India better. He also hoisted our national flag.It was followed by the presentation of a tableau by primary students which consisted of various freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru,Sarojini Naidu, etc. A group of students from class 11 sang some patriotic song. The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Rangarajan.

Defence Course for girls

Delhi police conducted a self defence training program for 5 days in our school to train the girls from class 9 to 12.This training started from 24thJuly ,2017 and concluded on 29th July,2017. The training was given by Lady police Anita Goswami, GeetaYadav and Suman working in Assistant Police commissioner office, Rajouri Garden.
On the final day the students were presented with a certificate for successfully completing the training program. The certificate was presented by Special police officers Sanjay kumar, Rajendrakumar and Rakeshkumar. This program was an important step towards making our girl students more confident and making them realize their ability to defend themselves.
Our Secretary Mr. R. Raju also iterated the point that self defence is essential for girls and such programs encourage the girls to be self-confident and prepare them to face the world outside the boundary of school.

Visit of Students from Korea

A team of students from Korea in the name of ‘Happy move global volunteers’ visited our school in the month of July to observe the activities of our school.They were very much impressed by the students’ performance in class and also enjoyed playing with them in the ground. Theyinspired our students to think creatively by organizing various activities. They encouraged out of the box thinking.

Holiday Home Work 2017-2018
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World health day was celebrated on 7th April, 2017 in our school.Depression is the leading cause of the ill health and disability worldwide. Number of people with depression increases nowadays. Dr. Sridhar from Karthik Clinic,Janakpuri was invited to give health tips to students on this occasion. He started his speech with the theme of the year ‘Depression: Let’s talk’. He gave tips to combat the depression and also gave more tips to remain healthy in life. He demonstrated the ways and methods to wash hands before eating food. He also spoke about the types food one has to eat at the young growing age to remain healthy in life.In the end our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan thanked Dr. Sridhar for sparing his valuable time to celebrate this day with students and to share his experiences and knowledge to live healthy and happy life.

Martyrs’Day Celebration

Martyrs’Day was celebrated on 30th January, 2017 in our school to pay homage to the victims who fought for the freedom . Martyrs’ day also marks the death anniversary of the father of our nation. In the morning assembly students spoke a few line on life history of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day we observed two minutes silence at 11 o’clock in the morning as remembrance of the martyred souls.

Annual Day Celebration

Our school celebrated the Annual Prize Distribution Day on 28th January, 2017, in a grand way. Students of class X and XII who excelled in academics in the years 2013-14, 2013-15,2015-16 were awarded prizes. Our DTEA President, Secretary and other members gave away the prizes to the students. The unique feature of this function was throughout the function the Digital display screen was in the background of the stage which was displaying the key banner and during the cultural programs the apt background was displayed which was very much appreciated by everyone.The theme of our cultural program was ‘Guru Sishya Parampara’ which was very much present in every item of the cultural evening. More than 500 students have participated in the cultural events and every event was appreciated by all the office bearers of DTEA, PTA, Principals of other DTEA Schools and the Parents who have attended the function.

Republic Day Celebration

Our school celebrated 68th Republic Day on 25th January, 2017 in a grand way. On this day the students (from class I to IX, XI) who excelled in academics in the years 2013-14, 204-15 & 2015-16 were honoured and awarded with prizes and the prizes were given by our PTA & DTEA committee members. Our Music Teacher, who is retiring on 31st January, 2017 was honoured and she hoisted our national flag on this day. A speech in English was given by Nitin of class IX A and in Tamil by Ramya of class IX A highlighting the changes that had happened in our country after 68 years of republican status.A group of students from middle,secondary and senior classes sang Patriotic songs in different regional languages one after another like a marathon.In the end to mark the Republic Day and the prize distribution function a special,our senior students gave a wonderful dance performance for the song ‘ Jai Ho’.It was a great feast to the eyes of audiences to watch all the programmes.

Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose Birthday Celebration

120th birth anniversary of Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose was celebrated in our school on 23rd January,2017. One of our senior student in her vibrant speech said that ‘He was a creator of “Azad Hind Fouj”’.He was also the man who gave India the ‘Jai Hind’ slogan. In his historical speech to ‘Azad Hind Fouj’ he said ‘Give me blood and I will give you Independence’. In all three languages the speeches were given by class IX A students Nitin, Ramya and Likith highlighting his famous quotes . A group of students from middle class sang a patriotic song. Our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasana also spoke a few words on this occasion.

Thiruvalluvar Day Celebration

Thiruvalluvar day was celebrated on 16th January,2017,after the winter break in our school. An impressive speech in English was given by Krithiga of Class XI-B and in Tamil by Sai Lakshmi of Class XI-A. In their speech they narrated the life history of Thiruvalluvar and also explained some of his thirukkural. She also said that ‘Thirukkural is considered as a common creed, providing a guide for human morals and betterment of life’. Thirukkural was a first Tamil Literature to be translated in a foreign language which is German.


Inter D.T.E.A Quiz competition was conducted on 27th December, 2016 in D.T.E.A.Sr.Sec.School, Janakpuri. Three contestants from each school participated in this competition.There were four rounds of quiz to test the IQ of the contestants. Round one started with current affairs, 2nd round with the area chosen by the contestants, 3rd round with identifying the personality with the clues given by the quiz master Mr. Rangarajan and final round was rapid fire round which was very interesting. Students from all the schools proved their proficiency in general knowledge and D.T.E.A. Janakpuri won the contest.

National Mathematics Day Celebration

Srinivasa Ramanujam’s Birthday is celebrated as ‘National Mathematics Day’ every year on 22nd December. In our school we celebrated this day on 22nd December, 2016 in a memorable way. Students from senior classes spoke about contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujam in the field of mathematics. Students from middle class conducted mathematics quiz and the winners were given prizes. In the afternoon session many activities were conducted in the primary classes to improve their mathematical knowledge. The activities were very well conducted by the primary teachers.Our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan appreciated all the teachers who have made this program a success.

Celebration of Subramania Bharathiyar’s Birthday

‘Mahakavi’ Subramania Bharathiyar’s Birthday was celebrated on 9th December,2016 (11th December being a holiday) in our school in a grand way. Sailakshmi of class 9-A gave a speech in Tamil highlighting his fiery songs kindling patriotism and nationalism during the Indian Independence Movement. Students from 4th and 5th class presented a Bharathiyar’s song which was enjoyed by everyone. The memorable moment of the program was Bharathiyar’s role , wonderfully played by Prabhakaran of class II.

World Human Rights Day Celebration

Human rights day is celebrated worldwide to get the real rights for the human being.It was celebrated in our school on 9th December, 2016 (11th December being a holiday) in a simple way during morning assembly. Abhisha of class XI A gave speech in English expressing the objectives of Human Rights Day and very clearly said why we celebrate this day. In her speech she aimed to instruct and educate children and teenagers about their rights and should protect their rights at any circumstances.


We celebrated Children’s day in our school on 11th November, 2016 (14th November being a holiday) to let the the students and the parents aware about the importance of celebrating the day.The Birthday of ‘Chacha Nehru’, a great Indian leader, is celebrated as ‘Çhildren’s Day’. Children from primary class presented a song on ‘Chacha Nehru’ and another group of children from primary class staged a dance to celebrate his birthday. Senior class students spoke about his struggle for independence of India. They also highlighted about his famous writings ‘Glimpses of World History’ and ‘Discovery of India’.In the end our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan spoke in praise of the student’s involvement in making the program a grand success.


Our school celebrated the Education Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of freedom fighter and Independent India’s first education Minister Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad on November 11th,2016. Senior class students highlighted that his contribution to establishing education foundation in India is recognized by celebrating his birthday as ‘National Education Day’. They also spoke about his achievement of establishing Indian Institute of Managements ( IIM’s)and University Grant Commission (UGC), an important institution to supervise and advance the higher education in India.

National Unity Day (Rashtria Ekta Divas)

National Unity Day/ Rashtria Ekta Divas was celebrated on 31st October, 2016 in our school to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel who really united the country. On this occasion students gave vibrant speech in all three languages on Sardar Vallabhai Patel who is also known as ‘Iron man’ of India and who worked hard to make India an United India. Primary and middle class students sang songs which were appreciated by many present on this occasion. In the end our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan spoke about his role in struggle for freedom of our country and she took the unity pledge along with the students.

International Literacy Day

This year marks the 50th anniversary of international literacy day and it was celebrated under the banner ‘Reading the Past and Writing the Future’. Efforts and progress are made to improve the literacy rate around the world. In our school we celebrated this day in the morning assembly by a speech in Hindi given by Kashish of class XII A and a lot of posters and charts displayed by students of different classes depicting literacy quotes in all three languages and the symbol of literacy.

World Students Day Celebration

We celebrated Student’s day on October 15, 2016 in our school which is Dr.Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary and is celebrated every year for students all around the world. Students spoke about Dr. Abdul Kalam’s achievements in three different languages. They also highlighted that he wished to be remembered as a teacher by the people. On the same day we celebrated the global hand washing day to create the awareness among the students the importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Thanthai Periyar’s Birthday Celebration

Erode Venkata Ramasamy commonly known as Periyar and also referred as E.V.Ramasamy or Thanthai Periyar was an Indian social activist, freedom fighter and a politician. His birthday was celebrated in our school on 17th September, 2016. Swetha of class IX A gave a speech in the morning assembly in Tamil highlighting his service to the society and how and why he started the Dravidar Kazhagam. She also said UNESCO described E.V.Ramasamy as “the prophet of the new age, the Socrates of South East Asia,father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions and meaningless customs”.

Hindi Divas

Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14th September because in 1949 Hindi was adapted as official language of India. It was celebrated in our school on 14th September, 2016. Primary children recited a Hindi poem and Kashish of class XII A gave a speech to stress that it serves to promote and propagate the Hindi language. Quiz was conducted to create awareness of Hindi divas and students were given topics to write essay on it.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

As a mark of respect and to recognize Teacher’s contribution towards society we celebrate every year 5th September as Teacher’s Day. On this day our second President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born and as per his wish we are observing it as Teacher’s Day. In our school we started the celebration right from conducting a special assembly to a special function in the afternoon. The students of Class XII took the charge of whole day’s activities and performed their role very well as student teachers. In the morning assembly Kashish , Shruthi. R of class XII A and Davita Nedivan of Class V B spoke in Hindi, English and Tamil respectively highlighting the importance of the day and role of teachers in their life. Students from class V presented a melodious song on this occasion. In the afternoon a small function was organized to honor the teachers which were graced by our DTEA and PTA members. Students of primary classes presented a dance and in the end our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan spoke a few words to encourage our future teachers and appreciated their plan and execution of the activities of the day.

National Sports Day

To commemorate the birth of Hockey Legend Late Shri Dhyan Chand, India celebrates it as a National sports day on 29th August every year. We in our school celebrated National Sports Day paying tribute to Shri Dhyan Chand who has won many laurals for the country. The occasion was followed by inspiring speech by students and displayed several placards bearing different games. Also many rural (Kho-Kho, Kabhaddi,etc.) and urban sports were conducted in the afternoon session. Indian culture and tradition have made some of the sports as international one.

Thiru.Vi.Ka Day Celebration

Thiru. Vi.Ka Day was celebrated on 26th August, 2016 in the assembly.Subha Meenakshi of Class IX gave a speech about Thiruvarur Viruthachala Kalyana Sundaram better known by his Tamil initials Thiru. Vi.Ka. She also added about his esteemed for the strong humanism of his essays, the analytical depth of his commentaries on classical Tamil literature, philosophy and the clear, fluid style of his prose. Several placards bearing messages of Thiru.Vi.Ka were displayed by students.

Independence day celebration

August 15th is the most important day in the history of India. Our school celebrated the 70th Independence Day to remember our freedom fighters because of whom we enjoy being citizens of a free country. In our school we celebrated the Independence Day with great zeal. Mr. & Mrs. Eshwar, parents of our Alumni Sivasubramanium, hoisted our national flag which was followed by national anthem and flag song in Tamil sung by our students. Speeches in Hindi, English and Tamil delivered by the students threw some light on the importance of the day and our duties towards the country. A patriotic song was sung by the students of middle class and in the end fancy dress competition was conducted for primary children which was interesting to watch.


The annual academic exhibition was conducted in our school on 6th August, 2016 to show case the talents of students in different subjects. Our Chief guest Mr. Natarajan, ex- principal of DTEA, Janakpuri, inaugurated the exhibition and he went through each and every exhibit and praised the talented students. For language subjects the students showed their talent by enacting and dancing which was appreciated by our chief guest and many parents. This fest has given a chance to our students to think creatively and encouraged them to use their classroom lessons innovatively to create the exibits. These projects were judged by Dr. Abbas from Delhi University and Mrs.Usha Srinivasan, Retd Principal and they felt it was a difficult task as every project was best in its own unique way.

Bharathidasan Day Celebration

‘Puratchikkavi’ Bharathidasan’s birth anniversary was celebrated in our school on 29thApril,2016. Boomika of class X gave a vibrant speech about his life history and how he was mentored by Maha Kavi Subramanya Bharathiyar. Immediately after this students of primary and upper primary sang a song written by him which was composed by our Music teacher. In the end our Principal Mrs.RajiKamalasanan and our Vice Principal Mr.Chenna Krishnan highlighted the service he had done to Tamil language and the society.


Our school ensures the all-round development of the child which includes the awareness among the students about National and International days or festivals. One such awareness by conducting World Book day to appraise the students with reading books. Our school celebrated this event on 23rd April, 2016. Students from primary wing and senior wing took part to celebrate this event. Denita of class VI A began the event by giving a speech on “The Importance of Books”. Few students from primary, 6th and 7th class wrote quotes on ‘Books’on colourful charts and displayed them in assembly.
Shreya of class IV A recited a poem on ‘Books. It was an encouraging event for all students to get involved with and they had a thoroughly good time. And this also gave the opportunity to talk to the students about the importance of Literacy and to encourage students to read more.

National Mathematics Day

In a bid to create awareness among the students about the contributions made by the renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan,our school celebrated National Mathematics Day on 22nd December 2015.Our students displayed posters on the life and work of the great mathematician.Pushparaj of class X in his speech said that Ramanujanwas an unparalleled genius and a self-taught mathematician,found his true calling in numbers and made extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions.Today ATM machines functioning are depended on the cryptography principle. Our Principal, Mrs. RajiKamalasanan in her address underlined the importance of Number Theory and applying simple calculation techniques in day-to-day life,


Neha Aggarwal(Public Health Nurse) from School Health Scheme, who is in-charge of West Zone, addressed the students in the morning assembly on 19th December 2015 about the precautionary measures to be taken while taking the deworming tablets.Deworming tablets are given to the students once in 6 months by School Health Scheme of Delhi Administration and which will be given on 10th February 2016.They are also going to conduct a Poster Making Competition on ‘Substance Abuse’ at Zonal Level.Best three students from each school will be selected and they will compete at Zonal Level.


Our Primary children went on Education Trip to Science Centre on 19th December 2015.The Science Centre provides students hands-on, real-world examples of science - inspiring them to ask questions and understand the impact of science on their lives.Through experiential learning they gain new perspectives, develop important 21st century skills and become true global citizens


Our School celebrated World Conservation Day on 12th December,2015 to bring awareness to preserving nature!Pranjal of class VI gave a speech.Our Principal MrsRajiKamalasanan in her speech said,’The students should raise awareness and educate themselves and others about the natural environment,spread the word about the importance of protecting our plane’ts most endangered species and the impact of poaching on our environment.’


Our school celebrated ‘Bharathiyar Day’ on 11 December to mark his 134th birth anniversary. MahakaviBharathiyar stands as an undying symbol of Indian freedom and a vibrant Tamil nationalism.Students from Primary Section dressed like Bharathiyar,read poems of Bharathiyar and gave speech on him,students of class VI presented a colourful dance on ‘KUMMI PATTU’ written by him, class VII students sang songs, a student of class XI delivered a speech.Our Principal Mrs.RajiKamalasanan and Vice Principal Mr.Chenna Krishnan paid floral tribute to the great poet and in their speech,gave an insight about Mahakavi and his works.


Human Rights Day was celebrated in our school on 10th December,2015.It presents an opportunity to involve and galvanize people from all walks of life,young and old for the promotion and protection of human rights.Many of the human rights principles resonate strongly with the students’ realities.Our students communicated ‘the basic human rights' throughplacards.The objective was to make the students aware of the rights that a human being can avail as an individual.Pranjal of class VI gave a speech related to the day.Our Principal Mrs. RajiKamalasanan in her speech said that the Constitution had provided people with certain rights like Right to Freedom, Right to Equality and Right to Education among others. Further she added,awareness about rights,particularly women rights, was very essential.


On 3rd Dec,2015 team American India Foundation with the Students of Delhi Tamil Education Association, Janakpuri,visited at Oracle India office premises in Gurgaon.The objective of the event was to highlight AIF – Oracle partnership as well as organize a poster making activity on the SwachhVidyalay (Clean School).The themes chosen by the students to work upon were Self,Food,Water and neighborhood.poster making activity on the SwachhVidyalay. Shailender Kumar Managing Director was very impressed by the creativity of the students and their zeal and complimented them for their confidence and commitment to the cause.

Young Journalist Meet

THE HINDU organised a Young Journalist Meet on 26/11/2015 at Bal Bharti School, Ganga Ram Marg. Four Students of our school namely Ankit Suman, Krishnan Iyer, RipunjayJha and Shivangi participated in the meet. They participated in discussions held on various topics.It is a proud moment for our school that Ankit Suman stood second among 295 participants from schools of Delhi.Today i.e. on 21/12/2015 a Principal’s conclave was held at Le Meridian, New Delhi to felicitate the Prize Winners.The entire DTEA Fraternity is proud of Ankit Suman of Class-XII-A.


Around 50 students of class XIth Arts of our school, accompanied by teachers, Mr. Vivek Gupta and Mrs. Geetha Shankar joined students from various schools of Delhi on 19th November 2015, at Mavalankar hall to draw every single individual’s attention and commitment to make “TOILETS FOR ALL”, a reality by the year 2019. The program was organized by Sulabh International and school sanitation club network, on the occasion of world toilet day. Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak(Founder of Sulabh International),Mr. Bhaskar Chatterjee(CEO of IICA) and Mrs. HemaMalini (member of parliament) participated on the occasion. November 19th, is marked as world toilet day. It is believed that 2.6 billion people still live without a safe toilet. In order to improve this condition,Sulabh international along with schools like us, is leaving no stone unturned to emphasize on the importance of sanitation. Students are the best ambassadors to create awareness, and our students, have continuously supported any social cause with enthusiasm and commitment.


Many of our school children participated in the rally organized by the MCD on 17th October, 2015to create awareness on Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria. They carried banners displaying the causes, the measures to be taken for the preventionand control of mosquito breeding. During the rally, our principal Mrs. RajiKamalasanan said, “Our dengue prevention efforts aim to nurture pupils to become caring, respectful and responsible young citizens, who value the environment and understand how their actions can affect the people around them in a positive way”.


The candle decoration workshop was organized by Hindustan Times in D.T.E.A. Sr. Sec. School, Janakpuri on 16th October, 2015. Mr. Sumit Naveen, conducted the workshop in which students from classes 8th to 10th learnt how to decorate simple candles beautifully and decoratively with waste materials available in one’s house. Students enjoyed the entire exercise which will be very useful to them during the coming festival seasons to decorate their houses.


Various competitions are conducted by the Tamil department every month to spread the knowledge of Tamil among the students. Story Telling, Debate and Recitation competitions in Tamil were held from 15/10/2015 to 17/10/2015 for the students from classes I to XI. Many students have participated with great enthusiasm and won prizes.


Four of our students Neha. M, Akash.S,Manjula of Class X.andAishwarya.V of class XII received cash prizes for being the toppers in Tamil in the Board Examination (2014-15). They were encouraged and rewarded by The Tamizh Welfare Association, Lodhi Road. Our principal appreciated the students for their excellent performance.


Sulabh international presented a beautiful trophy to D.T.E.A. Sr. Sec. School, Janakpuri in recognition of its complete cooperation and support to all the programmes organized by Sulabh on 14th October, 2015. D.T.E.A. Janakpuriis one of the9 schools of Delhi adopted by Sulabh where a Napkin Dispenser and destroyer has been installed by Sulabh. More than 50 students participated in the programmme organized at FICCI auditorium on the occasion of Prime Minister’s birthday on 17th September.


Our school celebrated World Animals Day on 3rd October, 2015 to mark the day of action for animal rights and welfare.Soundari of XII in her speech, highlighted how animals play a diverse array of role in our lives. They not just enrich our lives with their support and companionship; they also make us better human beingsOur Primary children sang a song on ‘Nature’. Students from Primary and middle department dressed up in their favorite animal dresses to create awareness about the endangered animals and what they should be doing to conserve the natural habitats of the animals. Their passion and enthusiasm gives hope for the future of India that the next generation will work to repair the damage done by previous generations. Our Vice Principal Mr Chenna Krishnan told the children that animal rights and environmental issues should always be at the forefront in our minds as both need our care and protection.


Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated in our school on 1st October 2015. On the occasion, floral tribute was paid to Mahatma Gandhi. During the morning assembly, Ramya of class VII and Manish Paul of Class XII, in their speeches in Tamil and Hindi respectively, informed the fellow students about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and the values he stood for. Our School observed the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year. A skit on “cleanliness” was enacted by the students of class X highlighting the importance of keeping our environment neat and clean to stay healthy. Speeches by students of Class XII Slivia in Tamil Ankit suman in Hindi on ‘cleanliness’, a song by students of class V, display of placards with quotes and slogans on Gandhiji’s priniples of truth, peace and non-violence were the other main highlights of the programme. The students also took the national pledge. Our Vice- Principal Mr Chenna Krishnan in his speech recollected Mahatma Gandhi’s service during the freedom movement through non-violence. Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan, the principal in her address,said that the UNO observes this day as the “International Day of Non-Violence” that aims to disseminate Gandhiji’s philosophy, principles and believes in non-violence through proper education and public awareness.She was full of praise for such a mesmerizing event organized by the teachers and applauded the students for their enthusiasm and eagerness shown in their performance.

‘Vaikom Veerar’ Periyar Birthday Celebration

Our School celebrated the Birthday of Thanthai Periyar on 16th September, 2015. Our Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasanan, Vice Principal Mr. Chenna Krishnan and students paid floral tribute to the great leader of Tamil Nadu. Sibi Charan of Class IX gave a speech quoting that Thanthai Periyar favored rational thinking and social justice, including the rights of backward and depressed classes and the rights of women. Our Vice Principal, in his speech said,”Periyar was active in a social movement as well as in politics. He propagated the principles of rationalism, self-respect, women’s rights and eradication of casteHis work has greatly revolutionized the Tamil society and has significantly removed caste-based discrimination. He is regarded as the father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners”.

World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day was celebrated in our school on 16TH September to make students aware of the depleting ozone layer. Ozone plays a very important role in our atmosphere. Although it is toxic to breathe directly, without it, life as we know it could not exist. Many of our students displayed placards on the theme and read slogans. Our Principal in her speech, highlighted the importance of protecting life on Earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, emphasized the need for understanding the issues related to protection of the ozone layer, how it is beneficial for human wellbeing, the need for limitation in the production and use of ozone-depleting substances, mostly chlorofluorocarbons and halons and urged to increase the usage of ozone layer friendly products.

Hindi Diwas

Our School celebrated Hindi Diwas (Hindi Day) on 14th September, 2015 with great fervor to show its importance and as a mark of acknowledgement. On this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in Devanagari script as the official language of the Republic of India. Kashish of class XI A, in her speech highlighted the beauty of the Language and insisted fellow students to propagate the Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values. Many of our students displayed placards and read slogans on the theme. Our Principal, Mrs.Raji Kamalasanan in her speech brought out the need and relevance of having a national language and promoting it, by learning and adopting Hindi language we could significantly contribute in building a strong nation and the society.

Swaach Vidyalay campaign programme

Sulab School Sanitation Club organized an open forum to promote Prime Minister Narender Modi’s Clean India Programme on Tuesday, 8th September 2015 at New Delhi. Padma Bhushan Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak presided over the function. Several dignitaries from media, UNICEF Health Department emphasized on the need for children being social media savvy, to play a bigger role in spreading the message of Swachh Bharat. Our school children took pledge on Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan and participated invarious competitions like cartoon making, quiz, slogan writing on ‘challenges and opportunities in Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan”.

International Literacy Day

The International Literacy Day was celebrated in our school on 8th September, 2015. Sai Lakshmi of X-B spoke about the importance of the day and gave statistics to show, how India is striving hard to achieve total literacy. A Tamil skit was also presented by the students of different classes to emphasize on the importance of education in an individual's life. The surprise of the skit was the presence of a look-alike of Tamil poet Bharatiyar, who very aptly spoke about literacy and its importance.Our Principal Mrs. RajiKamalasanan also emphasized on the need for education. She said by feeding a person you only satisfy his hunger, but by providing him education you make an individual independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Teachers Day Celebrations

Students of DTEA Sr. Sec. School, Janakpuri paid rich floral tributes to the greatest statesman scholar Dr.Radhakrishnan on the eve of Teachers Day., 04/09/2015 during assembly.The students in their speeches highlighted Dr.Radhakrishnan’s role as a teacher and the qualities he wanted every teacher to imbibe. Primary Class Students sang a song thanking the teachers for playing a very important role in shaping their lives.One of the students also recited a sloka on Guru ShishyaParampara.The students presented a handmade card to each teacher as a token of their love and affection. Our Principal Mrs.RajiKamalasanan and Vice Principal Shri. Chennakrishnan also spoke about the role of a teacher in the life of a student.They recollected how their own period as a teacher was the best phase of their lives and wanted the students to respect and be obedient towards the teachers.Both of them emphasised on how a teacher through her motivation changes the student’s life.After this Programme,the live telecast of Prime Minister’s Speech was watched by all the students with rapt attention.They also saw the President Playing the role of a teacher by teaching the students of Dr Rajendra Prasad SarvodayaVidyalayaat RashtrapatiBhavan.


On 29th August 2015 we honoured the great Indian Hockey Player Major Dhyan Chand by celebrating the National Sports Day in DTEA Senior Secondary school, Janakpuri, New Delhi. The day marks his birth anniversary. Kumari Sajitha of Class XI B spoke about the importance of the day in the assembly. She emphasised on the importance of sports in an individuals life and reiterated that how on this day, educational institutions all over the country hold various sports events. We also celebrated the day by holding a kabbadi match in the school in which students from classes IX to XII participated. The match was keenly contested and interestingly watched by the other students, teachers. Guest of the Occasion was our Secretary Shri Raju and our G.B. member Shri Ravichandran, panel member Shri M. Kanniah and other PTA members.


The Secretary of DTEA Schools Shri R. RAJU held a meeting with the Chairman of the KALKA SPORTS CRICKET AND FOOTBALL ACADEMY Shri.Rohit Parasher, (Former National Coach) today at DTEA Senior Secondary School, Janakpuri. The Principal Mrs. Raji Kamalasnan, Vice principal Shri S. Chennakrishnan, Shri Ravichandran G.B. Member, Shri M. Kanniah Panel Member and other members of the PTA also attended it. They discussed the various ways to increase the potentiality of the students who are mainly from the Janakpuri branch in the above sports so that it would be useful to them in future in their career also. Shri Raju promised to extend his cooperation to Shri Parasher for the benefit of our students.

Hindi Debate Competition

Many of our students have participated in the Zonal Level Competitions held on 20th August 2015.Ankit Suman and Shubham Verma of Class XII A have won the third prize in the Hindi Debate competition on the Topic “Internet a Boon or a Bane”.Our Vice-Principal Mr. Chenna Krishnan appreciated them.

Sadhbhavana Diwas

Sadhbhavana day was celebrated in our school on 20thAugust 2015 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the earlier Prime Minister of India Sh.Rajiv Gandhi. Our children displayed his enthusiastic and inspiring quotations, through charts and placards in Tamil, English and Hindi. As part of the event, Jennifer Jebaraj of class XIA took pledge to work for “the emotional oneness and harmony of all the people of India regardless of caste, region, religion or language” and to resolve all differences “through dialogue and constitutional means without resorting to violence”, which was followed by the students and teachers.

Monthly Tamil Competitions

Various competitions are conducted by the Tamil department every month to spread the knowledge of Tamil among the Tamil students. Mono Acting, Role Play, One Act Play and Recitation competitions in Tamil were held on 13/08/2015 and 17/08/2015 for the students from classes I to XII. Many students have participated with great enthusiasm and won prizes.


The 69th Independence Day was celebrated in our school on 14th August 2015 with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. Mr. Rajeev Jetley., entrepreneur and old student of our school- the chief guest of the day, guest of honor Ms. Radhika Setia, BJP Counselor- Nangalraya, along with the school band was escorted by Vice-principal Mr. Chenna Krishnan and the management committee members. The program began with a national song “VandeMataram”. The Vice-principal welcomed the gathering and in his speech, he remembered our leaders and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the chief guest unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the flag song and expressed the joy of freedom. To keep alive the flame of patriotism, the students rendered patriotic songs that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our motherland. R.Shruti - XIA, Swetha - VIIIA and Kamlesh Mani - VA gave speeches in English, Tamil and Hindi on the significance of the day and highlighted the importance of the day. Competition of singing Patriotic Songs was conducted among the students of classes VI to XII. In theFancy Dress Competition, the students presented a delightful sight dressed as national leaders. Students’ Council members took oath on this occasion. As a part of Vanmahotsav Celebration, the Chief Guests, Members of D.T.E.A and P.T.A planted saplings and watered them, followed by other faculty members.Ms. ChitraRadhakrishnan, PGT. Pol. Science proposed the vote of thanks and appreciated everyone for their wholehearted co-operation. The celebration ended with the National Anthem. It was a rich learning experience for the students who cherished the value of freedom and patriotism.


Quit India Movement is considered as a turning point in India’s struggle for freedom. Initiated by Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the movement urged the Indian masses to raise their voice against brutal rule of British Empire. The English leaders were asked to “Quit India”. It was India’s very own war cry that redefined the freedom struggle.Quit India movement started on 9th of August 1942. The day marks the anniversary of Quit India movement and is observed every year even after 68 years. Our students, dressed like freedom fighters, staged a rally, shouting slogans, ‘Quit India’ ‘Bharat Chodo’, ‘VellaiyaneyVeliyeru’.


A special assembly was held in the morning of 30th July 2015 to pay homage to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India who is rightly called the People’s President and the missile man of India. Our Principal,in her condolence message said the former president reposed immense faith in the children and youth of the country and closely interacted and always reached out to them, for which he was known as 'Peoples' President'.He always motivated the young people to do something that would take India ahead. His autobiography –‘Wings of Fire’, inspired the students to be courageous, honest and hardworking.Silence was observed as a mark of respect to the great leader. Our nation will miss the simple and humble man whois a role model for many people and will keep inspiring the coming generations.


Many of our students participated in various Zonal Cultural Competitions like Poem Recitation – English/ Hindi and Group/ Solo Singing of Patriotic Songs. Sajitha.R of class XI B won the first prize in Poem Recitation- English.One and all appreciated her performance.

Commemoration of Hiroshima Day

Hiroshima Day commemorates August 6, 1945 at the height of World War II when the US dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, followed three days later by another bomb on Nagasaki. The bombings ended the war by causing Japan to surrender. Around two lakh Japanese were killed.Rangarajan of class XII A gave a speechon the after effects of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki and insisted the fellow students to take a pledge to work for a nuclear-free world and create awareness about the holocaust.

International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day was celebrated in our school on 29th July 2015 to raise awareness for tiger conservation. Slogan Writing competition was conducted for Students of classes IX and X , Poster Making for students of Class XI and XII on the theme of ‘Tiger Conservation and Us”.Our Vice principal praised all the participants and encouraged them to participate in all such future such events.


The Parent Teachers’ Meeting was organized for all the classes on 25th July 2015 at 10:00 am.The parents met the teachers individually to discuss the progress of their wards. The principal, vice principal and the teachers handling classes IX and X met the parents in a counselling and interactive session at 12:00 noon. It was a very successful meeting and we hope that it brings a goodimprovement in the performance of the students.


On 15th July 2015, our school celebrated the birth day of the great leader ‘Bharat Ratna’Shri.Kamaraj. Our Principal Mrs.RajiKamalasanan garlanded the photographof K. Kamarajand delivered a good speech to all about his dedicated servicein the field of education in Tamil Nadu. She highlighted how Mr.Kamaraj brought revolution in education by introducing the free mid-day meal scheme. Our Vice Principal Mr.Chenna Krishnan offered his floral tribute to the leader. In his speech he said, how widely Mr.Kamaraj was respected across the nation for his simplicity in public life.Pushparaj of Class X-A delivered a speech in Tamil., Tamil song sung by students of Class VIII – B, A poem presented by Kamala of Class VII-B and the Tamil skit was really wonderful which was staged by students of class VI-A., Pavithra, Sanjana, Tamilarasi andAarti.Our principal praised the children who participated in this program and encouraged them to take part in more such events in future.


World Population Day was celebrated in our school on 10th July 2015, to create awareness among the students. A student of class IX delivered a poem on how “Today’s action can stabilize tomorrow’s population. Poster making(collage of pictures on population awareness) and essay writing competitions were held on the topic ‘ Increase in Population – a boon or a curse’. Our Principal discussed with the students, “How the world’s growing population has become a topic of concern, as the world ‘s population grows, the state of our environment will decline. Population stabilization is essential for ensuring a higher quality of life for people.”