The school has a double storied building surrounded by a big playground and a basket ball court on one side and a huge garden on the other side. The school has a play area for small children on one corner of the playground. The class rooms are well ventilated and have comfortable dual desks provided for students. Construction of second staircase for the school, which has been a long stand-ing issue for safety of children is underway.New classrooms are under construction as per require-ment.Construction of new toilet block in the ground floor, separate for boys, girls, ladies and gents staff, is on the way of its completion.

Safety and Security

As teachers and children spend a substantial part of their day in school it is essential to keep the school infrastructure safe and secure. We have a guard at the gate to restrict the entry of outsiders and strangers into the school. Also to stop the students from going out during the school hours. Around 40 CCTV cameras are installed covering entry point, playground, corridors and the class-rooms to monitor the movement of everybody and this ensures the safety and compliance of duties of the staff members. Fire extinguishers are installed on each floor and each laboratory to manage the fire accidents.

Library Facilities

The school has a good library with more than a thousand books along with various magazines and papers that the school has subscribed. The books in the library are of varied genres right from refer-ence books for various classes to fiction. To encourage the reading habit in primary class children,a lot of comic books are provided in the library and reading period is also allotted to them. The inte-rior of the library has been designed with a thought of making it modern and student friendly.The library follows an open access system.The books are classified and shelved according to the subject


Sport and physical activity is a valued and accepted part of our school’s curriculum contributing to the wholesome development of the child.The ground is big enough for students to play cricket as well as basket ball simultaneously. A play area for small children is also provided in the playground.Indoor games like chess, Ludo, table tennis, etc are provided for children.

Transport facility

The school has safe and secure Bus and Van transport facility covering almost all the nearby areas to pick up and drop the children at a nominal charge. Route numbers are allotted to the buses and police verification for all the drivers and conductors are done to ensure the safety of the students. The buses ply even during the holidays when students have their special coaching classes.

Special care to under performers

Special sections are created for those students who are lagging behind in academics. Continuous monitoring has helped to improve them. This has been done on experimental basis which will con-tinue in future for the years to come with new ideas and actions to create an urge for learning. Throughout Feb. 2018, classes were held for class 10 and 12 children, whose performances in the pre boards were not satisfactory.

RO-Drinking water system

Children have comparatively weaker immunity and even teenagers have weaker immunity when compared to an adult. To take care of the well being of the students RO - drinking water systems and water coolers are fixed in each floor. Safe drinking water coolers are provided to beat the heat during summer months.

Science Laboratories

The school has well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.Each laboratory has the ca-pacity of accommodating 10 to 12 students at a time to do the practicals. Every student will per-form the practical activity under the guidance of the teachers and their safety is also ensured when they perform their practicals. To mention in labs, the subject mathematics also has a lab facility to explore and prove the statements in maths.Interesting equipments are provided to the students to check the validity of the mathematical statements.

Computer lab

Technology plays a vital role in education. Computer learning has become essential for students nowadays. Also the subject computer is introduced in class 11 as one of the subjects in the streams. When there is a subject there is a lab for practical learning. There is lab with 10 desktops, a overhead projector and a white screen for teaching learning process to happen. Apart from this there is a computer room set by the Delhi Government which is equipped with 12 desktops, scanner & printer and a power back up. This enables the students from class 6 to 10 to learn the basic things involved in using a computer.

SMS Service

The school has SMS service system for informing the parents about the child’s attendance, to inform about the special holidays and to give information about the vacation classes for higher class students. This definitely would enable the parents to know the whereabouts of their wards and also to ensure the safety of their children. It helps in controlling truancy.